Developmental Milestones

Occupational & Speech Therapy for Neuro-Divergence

Occupational & Speech Therapy for Neuro-divergence can make a world of a difference. Neuro-divergent children have unique ways of thinking that can make it difficult for them to function in their home, school, or community environment. Neuro-divergence can result from…

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Occupational Therapy Developmental Milestones Ages 2-7

For growing children, reaching developmental milestones that are appropriate to their age is critical. While every child develops at their own rate, staying on track with general developmental milestones is important to make sure they do not fall behind or…

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How is Occupational Therapy used in school?

Within each classroom in a school environment, there is usually a range of children with mixed abilities. Some children may need extra help in certain areas, some may have disorders and others may need guidance in developing new skills. Occupational…

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What Is Autism Speech Therapy?

Autism Speech Therapy Children on the autism spectrum may present with a multitude of difficulties in different areas. One of the most debilitating problems is their difficulty with communication. This hampers their ability to communicate in a meaningful way with…

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What Is Language Therapy?

Proficient language development is key for children to succeed in multiple domains: making friends, completing homework, writing their names, listening to instructions, and so on. For some kiddos, learning how to communicate with others and comprehending written or verbal language…

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