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Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy?

Like any other attentive parent, do you ever find yourself in a position where you feel overly concerned about your child’s development? Furthermore, do you find yourself comparing your child to others their age and think, Something just doesn’t look…

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Guide to Floortime Therapy

Many parents, caregivers, and teachers wonder how to support a child with special needs, especially if the child has a complex diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). One of the increasingly popular methods used is Floortime therapy. The goal…

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Social Stories for Kids – A User Manual for New Situations

Social stories are a powerful and fun tool that can be used to help young students to understand and cope with different situations.  At the Therapy Place, we use Social stories which are individualized short stories that are highly effective for teaching students new skills.   These skills teach students what is expected in social behaviors and different settings such as school, with…

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