Muscle Strengthening: Teaching Children to Exercise!

Did you ever notice if your child has strong or weak muscles? Is your child often clumsy or using a lot of energy to do general tasks? It could be that your child needs more movement to get his muscles working and built up! As much as exercise is healthy for adults, children benefit from moving too!

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Benefits of Therapy in a School Setting vs. in a Clinic

Pediatric Occupational, and Speech therapies have more advantages than disadvantages. One important factor to consider when choosing the best therapy for your child, in order to maximize its advantages, is the environment in which the therapy is delivered. The Benefits…

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Occupational Therapy Developmental Milestones Ages 2-7

For growing children, reaching developmental milestones that are appropriate to their age is critical. While every child develops at their own rate, staying on track with general developmental milestones is important to make sure they do not fall behind or…

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