Early Intervention

Children’s Early Developmental Stages

Parents are often concerned about whether their child is developing at the expected rate. As parents, you know your child best, and if you are concerned that your baby or toddler’s milestones are delayed, we recommend that you consult your pediatrician, who will perform a developmental screening test. This will better inform you regarding your child’s difficulties. If necessary, the pediatrician will refer you for early intervention to a speech, occupational or physical therapist.

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Early Intervention in Speech Therapy

Childhood is an exciting time full of changes and growth. Though there are norms that children typically follow throughout their development, meeting speech and language milestones may look different for your child. When your child isn’t following the “normal” flow of development, speech therapists are here to help! Whether your child struggles with eye contact, following directions, talking, or speech that is difficult to understand, it is never too early to seek intervention from a speech therapist. Here are some questions to help guide you through the early intervention process.

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